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License: MIT

mmcc provides custom functions written in data.table for tidying up mcmc.list objects.


Install from github using:

Using mmcc

mcmc_to_dt takes an mcmc.list object and turns it into a data.table of the format:

tidy.mcmc.list takes an mcmc.list, turns it into a data.table and summarises it in terms of each parameter’s mean, median, standard deviation and credible interval with level given by conf.level:

We can also optionally ask for a subset of the parameters with a vector of colnames and summarise for each chain:

This may be useful if we want to make a plot that shows how a given parameter varies from chain to chain.

Why mmcc?

Full credit does to Sam Clifford for the name.

To quote Sam:

…it’s all about reshaping and manipulating mcmc chains…

…therefore, mmcc

Future work

  • Create summaries for each parameter
  • Perform diagnostic summaries for convergence
  • provide a suite of plotting in plotly, for speed, and interactivity.

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